Many times homeowners need to ascertain the fair market value of their property.  Estate planning, tax planning and real estate portfolio strategy are just a few reasons our customers ask Edelweiss to perform appraisals.  Edelweiss has been performing private appraisals since the 1970's and understands what it takes to complete a thorough property analysis.  Furthermore, Edelweiss maintains precise market transaction data which is critical for rendering an accurate value for a specific property at a given point in time. 

Assessment Reviews
One of the certainties in life is the escalation of taxes.  With this in mind, it is important that municipalities use an accurate valuation for your property to base its tax budgets.  For many years Edelweiss has consulted private home owners regarding the value of their assessments.  In doing so, we have been able to leverage our market expertise and extensive sales data to assist many owners in adjusting their assessments to be more in line with comparable properties in a specific market.  This has transalted into significant savings for many property owners, especially owners living on fixed incomes. Not sure?  Give Edelweiss a call, today.


In order to maintain our integrity with the various taxing localities and not to discredit our reputation with our clients, Edelweiss will only undertake assessment review cases which we truly believe the client has a bona fide reason for grievement.  Edelweiss will determine this with its clients in a preliminary assessment review consultation.